Crate Production Line

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Dakumar is a professional company who can offer you the whole crate molding line, like crate mould, injection molding machine and other auxiliary equipment etc. And we have helped our customers to set up crate moulding project in their countries, like Ethiopia, South Africa, Turkey and so on.

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  • Our company have made many crate moulds, like bottle crate mould, vegetable crate mould, milk crate mould, etc. Nowadays we have mature technical experience in making different crate moulds. Usually the crate mould needs multi-tip hot runner system, material will fulfill the mold cavity immediately. And take advantage of hot runner manifold, tips hot runner also plays a direct impact role on the crate moulds. Hot runner system will greatly solve the normal crate molding problem, such as shrinkage problem, flow mark problem and so on. It will make the crate with good appearance since the material will have optimal flowing. Compared with cold runner system, hot runner system crate mold does not have the runner material,so it will save the cost.

    Moulds Name: crate mould

    Crate Size: 400x300x160mm

    Product description: Fruit plastic crate

    Crate Mould cavity: 4 cavities

    Crate Mould Size: 1520x1202x850mm

    Suitable machine: 1350Ton Dakumar machine

    Copper Beryllium is good for cooling. So usually we will add the Copper Beryllium on the mould, it can reduce the mould cycle time.

    We are professional in offering the crate project with complete production line, if customer offer us the workshop layout and the productivity requirement, our company will work out the complete solution, for example, mould cavity,machine tonnage, other auxiliary equipment list, how to place injection molding machine and accessories, how much power, water, gas needed etc.

    Any interests for the crate moulding project, please contact us. Dakumar will offer the best solution and best service for you. Welcome to inquiry.